Dave Marcouiller

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Classroom Teaching

Methods of Planning Analysis (UW-Madison, URPL/SW 721); Fall Semester 2013.

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Planning (UW-Madison; URPL 945); Spring Semester 2012.

Regional Economic Problem Analysis (UW-Madison; URPL/Econ/PubAff 734); last taught Fall, 2011.

Planning Workshop (UW-Madison URPL 912); last taught (Fall, 2010).

Seminar in Rural Housing (UW-Madison; URPL 944); last taught - Fall Semester 1997.

Rural Development Planning (UW-Madison; URPL 945); last taught - Spring Semester 1998.

Land Economics (University of British Columbia; FRE/Econ 374); last taught - Summer Session 2002.

Development Economics (University of British Columbia; FRE 340); last taught - Spring term 2002.


Outreach Teaching

In my capacity as a State Extension Specialist, I teach adults in an array of venues throughout the State of Wisconsin. My clientele are highly varied; primarily they include county-based UW-Extension Educators, State and Local Government Officials, resource management professionals, private-sector entrepreneurs, and the general public. My primary outreach teaching and technical assistance are focused within the following three thematic areas:

Amenities and Rural Development Planning, current and ongoing programming area.

Integrative Tourism & Recreation Planning, current and ongoing programming area

Natural Resource Economics and Policy Analysis, current and ongoing programming area.

In addition, I participate in global outreach opportunities that have taken me across the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, the Philippines, and China (Both PRC and ROC - Taiwan).